Cruises to the Hermits island

“Sun 23.6., Sat 20.7., Sun 28.7.
Come aboard for a summer cruise and listen to captivating stories about the hermit of Lake Päijänne. We depart from the Suopelto ship dock, Suopellontie 703, at 12:00. You can leave your car in the designated parking area on the right side of the road just before the restaurant (Suopellonrantatie); please leave the restaurant’s own parking spaces free for their customers. During the initial part of the cruise, we navigate through Suopellonlahti, allowing you to admire Sysmä’s oldest villa community. After a short cruise, you’ll be greeted by the breathtaking Tehinselkä of Lake Päijänne. At this point in the journey, weather permitting, you can move to the ship’s deck and experience the best of Finnish lake scenery.

You’ll get to experience the authentic atmosphere of bygone days and contemplate what life was like on the island from the 1930s to the 1970s. On the island, Pylväläinen developed a fishing lure and taught Lauri Rapala how to make baits. As a result, Rapala became a multinational and innovative company, one of the most well-known in its field. The cruise guide, Markku, personally knew Lauri Rapala and can authentically share the history of Rapala.

Päijänne is Finland’s second-largest lake, beautiful and drinkably clean. During the cruise, you’ll see the opposite shore disappearing into the horizon. The atmosphere on the cruise ship is relaxed, and travelers often chat with each other. During the cruise, the local guide, Markku, shares interesting stories and details about the surrounding nature and history. You can ask the guide about your interests, whether it’s fishing, hunting, or the local history.

Throughout the cruise, you’ll learn general information about Lake Päijänne from the captain’s announcements. The journey is also entertained by Riki, the Portuguese Podengo ship dog, who is everyone’s friend. Riki is a kind and affectionate dog companion who loves pets.

The cruise culminates on Koreakoivu Island, located in the middle of Lake Päijänne. You’ll traverse the island through a rocky path in the forest to reach the hermit’s cabin. Narrated by Markku Lepistö, you’ll hear the life story of the hermit who lived on the island.

In front of the hermit’s log cabin, you’ll hear about his life, a man who left home at the age of 10, experienced adventures on his travels, and settled on a small island.

Experience the incredible life story of the hermit who taught Lauri Rapala to make lures during the cruise. Reflect on what is important in life in a small cabin in the Päijänne National Park while listening to the stories told by wilderness guide Markku Lepistö, who wrote a book about the hermit’s life. One curiosity on the island is also the boundary marker of three municipalities.

During the trip to the island, you’ll enjoy a delicious Lake Päijänne fish soup or vegetable soup made from local ingredients (with advance reservation!) and have coffee with the ship’s chef’s berry or fruit pastries from his own garden. The ship has a fully licensed café. During the cruise, you can purchase Toivo Pylväläinen’s book ‘Hermit of Päijänne’ signed by the author, as well as local souvenirs. Adults €60, children aged 6–12 €30, children under 6 and adults over 100 free of charge. Meals are included in the prices. Duration of the trip approximately 3.5 hours.

Note! Mandatory advance reservation at +358 40 50 555 60. Binding registrations at the latest 2 days before departure; the trip requires a minimum of 15 passengers to take place. Landing subject to wind conditions.

We also organize trips to the island on request according to your desired schedule, minimum charge €900, including 15 people, additional persons €60.”